Uplifting Down

UpliftingDownDo you remember the rush of emotions first felt when you found out your child was entering this world with something called Down syndrome? How much, if anything, did you know about it? Were there resources readily available from the doctors who revealed the news, or were you left feeling alone and stranded on an emotional island in the middle of an information-less sea? Where did you go from there, and how?

Sharing our individual journeys with Down syndrome means sharing our experiences. Sharing our experiences allows us to learn how to best advocate for our children when they come home from the hospital, through school life and into adulthood. This documentary project empowers families to share their journeys with new parents, medical professionals and educators so that together we can understand, inspire and uplift Down.

Uplifting Down: Buddy Cruise

“Uplifting Down: Buddy Cruise” now in post-production and will be coming soon! Filmed over the course of three separate cruises in 2018, 2021 and 2022, filmmaker Steve Gatlin and his crews captured interviews and activities with families along their voyage.

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Uplifting Down: Nigeria


“Uplifting Down: Nigeria” is a documentary about filmmakers and professionals in the special needs field who traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to explore the current state of care and well-being of people with Down syndrome there.
While recording interviews at the National Down Syndrome Congress Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, filmmaker Steve Gatlin sat down with

Mrs. Rose Mordi from Nigeria to capture her story. Mrs. Mordi explained that when her daughter was born with Down syndrome 28-years before, doctors told her she was a “snake,” and not a “human-being,” and needed to be taken to the river and drowned. At that moment Gatlin knew he must to go to Nigeria to learn more about their beliefs, customs, fears and misconceptions about Down syndrome. Accompanying him were three educators from the United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay who share an equal interest and concern for the well-being of people with special needs around the world.

There is much work to be done towards acceptance and education of those with special needs on a global level, “Uplifting Down: Nigeria” hopes to be the spark that will inspire others to open their hearts and minds towards a greater future for all.

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