Cypress Shorts

Since October 2013, Special Affects has worked with students from ucpnb-cypress-schoolthe UCP of the North Bay’s “Cypress School” in Petaluma, Ca. creating video, photography and multi media projects. Through the mentor program students get the opportunity to work behind as well as in front of the camera creating films about life at the school.

Cypress Shorts – The Xyloboard

Is it a skateboard, or is it a xylophone? The answer is, it’s BOTH!!! Cypress School student Tosh takes the custom made xyloboard out for a ride and play to demonstrate his Street SUP and musical skills!

Cypress Shorts – Cypress Disk Golf

Students from United Cerebral Palsy of the North Bay’s Cypress School trying their hand at disk golf!
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Cypress Shorts – UCP Magic and Joy in 2014

May the magic and joy of the holidays be with you now and always…
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Cypress Shorts – San Jose Giants Day

Students and staff from Cypress School were treated to an awesome day at the ballpark with the San Jose Giants! They got to go on the field, meet the players and sit in their own private section and take in a game!
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Cypress Shorts – Magic and Comedy

On this day, students and staff from Cypress School were treated to a visit from Magician Jay Alexander, and his friend, Comedian Michael Pritchard.
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Cypress Shorts – The Whale Bus


Donnalei Sumner visited Cypress School this Spring to share “The Whale Bus” with students and staff. The bus was hand painted by her husband, world-renowned artist George Sumner, as an art and education piece. When it is not busy transporting SF Golden Gate Transit passengers around town she visits schools to speak on environmental and transportation causes and affects.
Contact Donnalei at to schedule a Whale Bus visit at your school!
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Cypress Shorts – China Camp Field Trip

Cypress School summer camp is in full swing and all of the groups converged on China Camp for a Friday Beach/BBQ day!!!!
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Cypress Shorts – Footloose Dance Center (Happy)

Cypress School students visit the Footloose Dance Center in Rohnert Park Ca and get “Happy!”
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Cypress Shorts – Friday Drumming

Cypress School staffer Isaac Yates was teaching some beginning drum techniques to one of the students when others heard the noise and decided to join in…
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Extreme Skate School trailer – Cypress Shorts

Ben and Steve skateboarding for recreation at Cypress School in Petaluma, Ca.


Cypress Shorts – Golden State Warriors “Make a Basket”

Cypress School student Brooks pays a visit to the Golden State Warriors practice to “Make a Basket!”


Cypress Shorts – “Hound Dog” Elvis Presley tribute

Cypress Shorts – “Hound Dog” Elvis Presley tribute by Cole and Will
Filmed on location at the Computer Clubhouse in San Rafael, Ca.


Make a Basket

Brooks, a student at Cypress School, shows his hoops skills on the court!


Cypress Shorts – Nickels For Nonprofits

Cypress School was the recipient of Whole Foods Market in Petaluma’s “Nickels for Nonprofits” program. A special thanks to the staff and community of Petaluma, Ca. for your support of Cypress School!
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Sebastopol Fire Department

Students from Cypress School were treated to a special tour of the Sebastopol Fire Department by Captain Tim McHale.
They got to climb in the engine, ask lots of questions and of course, squirt the fire hose!
Filming by students Cole, Connor and Tosh and with Steve Gatlin.


Ellen Blakeley Studio

Ellen Blakeley is a Santa Rosa-based artist who teaches an art class for students from Cypress School out of her home studio.
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The Snow Ball

On Wednesday, December 11, Cypress School in Petaluma held their “Snow Ball” holiday party. Students and staff had a chance to cut loose and celebrate the holidays in style! Video assistants included Tosh and Connor to make up this fun montage.


Danny and the Dog

We made a pit stop by a local park to let the students out to run and stretch a bit when Danny encountered this sweet dog playing fetch with his master.
They instantly bonded as Danny began throwing the ball for him.


“Mirrors” Looper Pedal

A student from Cypress School putting together his own version of Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” with a looper pedal.


Pumpkin Drummin’

A lot of time is spent driving in vans to the many opportunities Cypress School affords. These students decided to do some “pumpkin drummin'” along the way….


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Field trip

The kids from Cypress School had the amazing opportunity to visit the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival on the morning of October 4, 2013!
Here is a little video from the trip!