“Special Affects” is a film series about people, families, organizations and more in the special needs community. Our dream is to create a new video each month in conjunction with short and feature documentaries and music videos. One month you may laugh, the next cry, then perhaps get angry about an injustice in the world. We want to share the countless ways in which “Special Affects” the world around us.

Filmmaker Steve Gatlin and Nationally Acclaimed Peer Mentor Michael Pritchard have worked together on numerous documentary film projects for over a decade. While the topics, people and organizations have differed wildly, one core message has always been a connection to the heart. It is from those messages of the heart that the idea for “Special Affects” was born. It is of utmost importance that positive, informative and enlightening stories about all forms of “special needs” get to be told. By telling these stories we hope they will then be shared. Through sharing, we believe we can all become kinder from the wisdom we have gained.

So if you are, or know someone, who would be interested in possibly appearing in the series please EMAIL US HERE.